Dec. 2, 2022

The springtime is our favorite season at Basin Landing Airboat Swamp Tours. There’s something about the fresh air and sunshine after a cold winter of being cooped up inside that just doesn’t compare to any other sensation. If you are considering a swamp tour, there is no better time to do so than April and May.

Landscape Scenery

The weather has been super cooperative the last week for travelers who want to take an airboat tour to see the flora and fauna of the Atchafalaya Basin. Higher water levels help to part some of the wild giant salvinia that covers the surface of the swamp, creating glossy, black pools of water that reflect the gorgeous moss covered trees. The brown of the cypress trees have given away to new green growth, and the moss is in full swing. If you love taking landscape photos, this is a wonderful time to grab your camera and your zoom lens and book a tour.

Wildlife Sightings

The alligators have been more than happy to show off for airboat tour passengers. It is the very beginning of mating season, so in addition to smooth courtship moves like sunning themselves on a log, the gators are noisier than usual this time of year too. Males and females alike create low, bellowing sounds that sound like a snort or growl to attract a mate.

Near Basin Landing and out on the water, we have been seeing a lot of very colorful birds this week. Cardinals, Robins, Blue Jays, Blue Herons, Pelicans and small, brightly colored finches have all been spotted from the Turtle’s Bar patio. This is optimal birdwatching season, so bring your binoculars and bird identifier apps or books. If you go out on an airboat tour, ask your captain about the giant osprey nest on the lake.

Our airboat tours are for all ages (3 and older), and they last approximately 1.5 hours. We also have a brand new traditional flat bottom swamp tour boat with comfortable bench seating, a restroom and vanity, and a bluetooth sound system. We provide all of our guests with hearing protection and life vests, and we have a general store where you can purchase snacks, ice, beverages, and more. Call us today at 337.228.7880 to book your tour.

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