Atchafalaya Basin Fun Facts

April 27, 2023
Basin Landing Airboat and Swamp Tour | Atchafalaya Basin Fun Facts

Spanning approximately 140 miles, the Atchafalaya Basin is the largest wetland and swamp in the United States. However, unlike other wetlands, the basin is a growing delta system with 70% forest habitat and 30% marsh and open water. Despite mainly being a forest habitat and home to nutria rats and the endangered black bear, this area is sparsely inhabited.

Although the area is susceptible to long periods of deep flooding, this ecosystem is five times more productive than any other river basin in America. And with the most significant remaining stretch of coastal cypress trees in the United States, the basin is home to the largest nesting concentration of bald eagles in the south-central United States.

We love a good time in this area, and good times almost always include good food. The Atchafalaya Basin sees an average annual commercial harvest of crawfish of approximately 22 million pounds. Now, that sounds like a good crawfish boil.

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