fishing tournament

Thank You to Our Anglers,

They don’t call it “The Sportsman’s Paradise” for nothing. Louisiana is known for its grand outdoor playground used by hunters, hikers, bikers, explorers, and fishermen alike. From the shrimp boats in Venice to the bass fishing in Toledo Bend, our state offers some of the most beautiful and bountiful honey holes in all the land. Whether you want to spend a morning “hippin” for blue crabs in Rockefeller (using chicken hips as bait), or you just want a relaxing cruise through the ancient cypress knees of the Atchafalaya Basin for some sac-a-lait fishing, Louisiana has something for anglers of all ages.

Since the events of 2020 have unfolded, our family (like so many others) has seen a decrease in tour buses and global travelers coming for our airboat swamp tours, but our fishermen have come from far and wide to support us, resulting in a boom of fishing tourism to our area. David Lantz’ article in the most recent “Water Marks” column sums it up handily: “For some owners and operators, the initial slowdowns and losses from lockdowns, shelter-in-place orders, and travel restrictions gave way to unexpected gains that helped salvage what could have been a lost year [for launches and marinas].” Our family business was certainly no exception, as we saw a record number of fisherman at both fishing tournaments and in regular seasonal activity.

Between a lack of safe and family friendly outdoor activities and concerns over the safely of airline travel, many local fishing holes have experienced growth in both the duration and frequency of fishing trips. Even the National Marine Manufacturer’s Association stated that almost half of all manufacturers saw a year-over-year increase in boat sales since 2019.

We want to take this opportunity to thank each and every person who has driven out to our business and put their boats in our beautiful backyard as a way to spend time alone, or with their families. Captain Tucker has done more than his fair share of sac-a-lait fishing the last few months, and we have seen an enormous uptick in boat launch usage as well.

Our family could not have made it through the last year without our fisherman, and for that we are extremely grateful. We have taken time since COVID-19 to grow our variety of tackle, bait, coolers, accessories, and so much more for our friends who love to fish. If we don’t carry a particular product you are interested in, we are always looking to accommodate our anglers with the latest and the greatest in gear and bait. Don’t be afraid to ask! We will do what we can to try to stock your favorite snacks, drinks and equipment in our General Store. We also offer gift certificates, one-year launch passes, and one-time 24/7 launches for $5 per launch on our large private boat launch.

Thank you all for your continued support of our family business,
Tucker, Christine, Nick and Kellie