2020 has been a hell of a year for everyone. No matter who you are, or where you live, your life has undoubtedly been altered in some meaningful way this year. Thanksgiving is always a time to reflect on what we are grateful for, but this year is a little different. When times are really tough, that’s when gratitude truly begins to work to reshape our attitudes and perspectives. 

This has been an unprecedented year for Louisiana businesses, and our small, family-owned airboat tour business is no exception. From complete closure of our tours and facilities for a period of time to the loss of tour buses and international travelers, we have had to reinvent ourselves and our outlook…the same exact way our friends, families and neighbors have had to adjust. The thing that makes 2020 so important is that our struggles have largely been universal. It’s easy to fall into doubt, especially during trying times, but our quiet down time was one of serious, sober reflection on our greatest gifts.

We have been especially blessed with the gift of friendship. The COVID silver lining, for us, was that the loss of business allowed us to take a family trip that¬†would have not happened otherwise. Our good friend B.J. Robert treated us to a family trip to Illinois where we spent an incredible week connecting with nature. He was a most excellent host who opened his restaurant and home to us this past week so that we could have a family vacation with all of the kids present. Between the home cooked meals provided by his mom, the infinite hospitality¬†of his family and staff, we felt like royalty. Both Nick’s son (Lil’ Tucker) and Christine’s daughter (Aubrey) bagged their first deer, and memories were made that will last our family a lifetime. We are especially thankful to our leader and father, Captain (“OG Tucker”) Friedman and Kellie for holding down the fort back home in the swamp this year so that the rest of us could be together. If you ever find yourself in Clinton County, Illinois, please take a moment to stop by B.J.’s restaurant Swamp Tales for a taste of Louisiana on the road.

No matter what the rest of the year brings, we know that we are grateful for our loyal customers, our friends and family, and our health. In a world where it is increasingly easy to take things for granted or complain, we must choose to count our blessings even more carefully and more often.

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